The K/Night Thorns

Session 1b

On their fun and educational trip back to the city the cowboy, whose name turned out to be lucky, explained that they had survived the first test, but needed to prove themselves worthy to become full members of “The Sect.” All they had to do was kill a couple of werewolves. With a a pat on the head he handed Jez an 1860s era .45 long colt (with silver bullets), Sarah a broken rubber band gun, and dropped them off telling them to “follow the signs.”

“The signs” were black hand prints slapped on various walls and signs leading to the bridge with the wolves

Mark’s shadows did funky things in the alleyway…Sarah stole a bit of the freaky shadow for a pet.

Upon reaching the bridge with the wolves under it, quiet, calculation, sociopathic Payne dropped to cops who were harassing a sleeping homeless man. The homeless man turned out to be a rather ungrateful werewolf. A long combat ensued, in which Sarah tried to blow up the party (before running away), Jez tried to shoot anything except the badguys, Mark became lunch, Sam and Jacob sharpened their claws, and Gavin and Payne earned their keep with a steady barrage of bullets and other…less conventional tactics.

Werewolf blood is like crack, only better and it doesn’t shrink your ding-a-ling.

The party was congratulated on their victory, KT switched over to playing Samantha since Mark went down in a blaze shadowy death.

The next night the party was told to meet in the lowest level of the parking garage for the club. An elaborate ceremony ensued in which:

They learned of the three levels of loyalty: 1. Pack 2. Sect 3. Clan

The blind bishop (who is also a cardinal) “knighted” them.

They learned a bit about the history and power structure (don’t mess with the Bishop, or Mischa’s pack).

They were told to decide on a pack leader.

They were told Jez was their pack priest.

The limos drove off and Mischa said he would wait at the exit of the garage.

The party elected Jacob to be Pack Leader



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