The K/Night Thorns


Our first session was little more than a prelude. We met, players created characters and we even played a little bit. Some characters met for the first time, some interacted for the first time, and some tried their hardest to avoid interaction. The altercation with the Japanese “gentlemen” got out of hand and the PCs were sequestered from the dozen or so other patrons. The majority of the party was led astray in a nondescript van and eventually found themselves at The State Park. Here the session was intended to end with a party-wide fade to black. However, player enthusiasm won out over Storyteller preparedness and we continued.

The characters awoke in coffins (most of them anyway) and fought their way to the surface. Surprisingly, all characters made it out(so did one of the emergency NPCs, just to be safe) and found themselves surrounded by bright lights (from cars?). A disembodied and disconcerting voice explained that they were now vampires, creatures of the night, drinkers of blood, and fearers of the sun. Then it got weird…

A bedraggled hippy came forth with a cut-off bottle of water and a big-ass thorn. He sliced his arm, dripped his blood in the bottle, licked his wound to close it and went on to slice and drip Samantha before coming to Jez. After a short conversation Jez sliced and dripped the rest of her new found companions including a freaked out Mark. With the bloody ritual complete the party was driven back to the city…in an icecream truck…by a rhinestone cowboy…Gavin is by now totally convinced this is some kind of acid trip or mass hallucination.



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