Sarah Green

Snobby, sadistic, Malkavian


A black Irish artist/city employee, Sarah wishes that her art would get her out of this place. 5’6”, curly brown hair with green eyes, athletic build.


  • Str – 2
  • Dex – 2
  • Sta – 2
  • Cha – 3
  • Man – 4
  • App – 3
  • Per – 3
  • Int – 2
  • Wit – 3


  • Expression – 3
  • Alertness – 3
  • Athletics – 1
  • Dodge – 2
  • Empathy – 2
  • Intimidation -2
  • Subterfuge – 2
  • Drive – 1
  • Etiquette – 2
  • Firearms – 2
  • Melee – 3
  • Performance – 3
  • Repair – 1
  • Stealth – 2
  • Computer – 1
  • Law – 1
  • Occult – 2
  • Politics – 1


  • Auspex – 1
  • Dominate – 2
  • Obfuscate – 1
  • Govt Influence – 1
  • Resources – 2
  • Conscience – 3
  • Self Control – 4
  • Courage – 3

3 dots of Cast No Reflection and 1 dot of Concentration

Humanity – 7, Willpower – 4


I finally got my break! Sam, Sam (somting), wants to meet and discuss a show. In Milan! My work is going to Milan! All these years of wasting in obscurity and I finally get a chance to mingle with the right circles. She wants to meet for drinks at the jazz club, so something sleek and hip should do.

We meet up at the club and she even asks about one of my favorite pieces, plus there is space for “scene 12”, which I am very proud of. I am trying to play it as calm as possible, but I’m practically glowing with satisfaction. Band has some talent. I wish I had more time for social activities. If this show works out, I will…fingers crossed. What’s with these guys? Stupid men, don’t know when to sit down and shut up. Oh my god, is that man dead? Wow. I wonder if I can do a series off of this? Hm…. Some triptychs would look good, something shadowy and harsh.

Security and some club staffer fellow need witnesses, sure, sure. I saw it. Gangsters? Yakuza? The prime minister of Where? Here? What do you mean my Mercedes got slashed?!? Well of course I need a ride home! I don’t walk down the street wearing Prada! Sam sure seems put off by this. I guess she doesn’t see much. Working for the city, you see plenty of questionable things. I suppose I am a bit jaded.

A cab would have been just fine, why the van? They don’t really think that gangsters want anything to do with me or these people. Seems a bit odd, but I can ask Sam up for a drink and let her see some of my pieces. This could be good. Tires are worth this. Wait…where are we? Ok so we may be in trouble. No one knows what to do. Great. I’ve been kidnapped with idiots. Everyone run, it’s all we’ve got. That’ll teach me to leave home. Well, all artists get famous after they die. If I die spectacularly, my work will be extra famous! It’s better than dying old and ugly.

Break out, run, run. Was that a dog? God I’m glad I’m in shape. Keep running. Ow, fucking branches hurt. That is a dog. They brought dogs? Who are these people?? OH Fuck, it’s a wolf!! Run, run, run…faster, oh god no no no.nononoo…. Why is it still chasing me? Shouldn’t it have done something, like eat me by now? Maybe it’s rabid? Pant pant, so scared, don’t want to die this way. How long have I been running? Everything hurts. Don’t want to die. Keep running Sarah. Where is it now? Did it stop? I don’t see it anymore. I’m free, I made it. I got away…which way is the city? I can’t see the lights for all these trees….There’s a hill, maybe I can see something, catch my breath. Man, I’m so cut up. Stupid woods. What was that? Oh god, oh no, there’s the wo___

Where am I?? Is that dirt? Get out…here are the others. What the fuck is going on? Am I mauled and hallucinating? What is that voice? Who are you? Get out of my head!! Cut my arm, the whispers say it’s necessary, ok, but you do it. I’m afraid. The blood tastes sweet, like cheap wine. I want some more. It was good. Gone now. Pack huh, but I don’t know these people. The wind says they matter. Ok. I’ll try. I’ll help them. They need me, I need them. The pack is family. Smart wind to say such things… Or was it the man with the thorn? Who said that? Who are you??

People, naked like my models, full of blood. Blood is sweet, want some. They look upset. I could make them upset. I could hurt them. Make them cry. Make them run. Nip at their heels and make them bleed. Hee hee. Run little sarah run run. You want me to fight werewolves? Ok, but I need a gun. Lucky…lucky gave me a lucky gun how lucky am I….lucky made me run. I’ll make the wolfies run. Run and run and run.

The others with the shadows they seem strong, Sam grew claws, but I can’t do that. I want the dark to stay with me. I can hide in the dark. Hey, what are you? Little shadow pet. Hang on tight, we’re going to chase wolfies. Make them run. Lucky me with my lucky gun off to make the wolfies run. My lucky gun makes FIRE!! Run run run…why do I always have to run?? Ow, hey you slapped me! You bastard! Wolves are that way? Hehha…coming wolfies. Here comes Sarah. Aww damnit, they’re all dead. Drink, better, want more, more.

The patterns, they almost make sense. We need a leader. I’m smart, I’ll do it. They don’t want me. Ok. See what happens. There’s time. Lots of time. I’m a vampire. I have all the time in the world. Run world, run. Sarah will make you run…

Sarah Green

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