The City

It is always raining in the city. It seems that color fades and withers under its depressive assault. During the day politicians and city officials extort and gouge weak citizens with the help of crooked cops and wealthy businessmen. At night the gangs come out. Bullets fly and people disappear. There are rumors of monsters in the shadows. Ignored by the mainstream media, only the tabloids tell tales of the wolfmen living under the 32nd street bridge, or of “Rat Man” and “Bat Boy” who haunt the local sewers. Even the tabloids and politicians shy away from criticizing the Bishop who resides in the Cathedral of St. Anthony of Padua. Life is cheap these days and people disappear nightly. Those who have grown up surrounded by the maelstrom of violence and death have developed a devil-may-care attitude and take to the streets en masse most nights for a few hours of nihilistic pleasure before returning to the reality of their conveyor belt lives.

Club Canotia

A rare bright spot in the city is Club Canotia. Housed on the top of the city’s tallest building and divided into four very different “quadrants”, Club Canotia allows the meek and humble of the city to brush elbows with the rich and powerful. In the first quadrant techno music pulses and young 20-30-somethings gyrate in smoke and lasers projected on the polished underside of the copper roof. From the 1st quadrant patrons can move to the quieter 2nd or more energetic 4th quadrants. The second (off to the left as you exit the elevator) features a subdued wine bar, jazz quartet, and a million dollar view of the city skyline on nights when the copper roofing has been retracted leaving only smooth glass between patrons and the dark night. In the fourth quadrant (to the right of the elevators) local ska, punk, rock and metal bands blare ear-shattering music to leather and spike clad crowds through the early hours of the morning. To gain entrance to the third quadrant, one needs a special token…these token change nightly and are the subject of much speculation. Only those who have been to the third quadrant know what it contains, and they tend to be tight lipped about their nightly entertainment.

The K/Night Thorns

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